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Subject For Week Of Prayer

Subject For Week Of Prayer

DEC. 19-26

“Take Heed Lest Ye Fall”

“But thou, son of man, hear what I say unto thee; Be not thou rebellious like that rebellious house: open thy mouth, and eat that I give thee.” (Ezek. 2:8.) {2SC11: 2.2.3}

With boundless patience and mercy, God bore for ninety long years with the Israel of today in their stiff-necked rebellion against the Testimonies of His Spirit, before their constant refusal to heed the repeated warnings, admonitions, and reproofs thus voiced, finally stirred Him, in divine anger, to denounce upon them the fearful condemnation of being “a rebellious house.” {2SC11: 2.2.4}

Yet for the sake of the elect, who had not bowed the knee to Baal, He turned with mercy because of the great danger of their also falling into the same inextricable pit, unless they give careful heed to the clear-ringing echoes of the solemn warning: “But thou son of man hear what I say unto thee; Be not thou rebellious like that rebellious house,” and at the same time avail themselves of the way of escape from the fatal disease of rebellion, which divine mercy has provided in adding the hope, giving, life-sustaining words: “Open thy mouth, and eat that I give thee” and “Feed thy people with thy rod.” (Ezek. 2:8; Mic. 7:14.) {2SC11: 2.2.5}

And now, as it is going on seven years since God commanded us by the “Rod” to eat of the abundance of “milk and honey” which, in the substance of truth (spiritual food), doubtless bulks greater than all the truth put together which the church has had heretofore, there comes to every Present Truth believer the solemn questions: “Am I refusing the evil and choosing the good? Do I find myself walking faithfully in the glorious light? Or am I ‘rebellious like that rebellious house’?” {2SC11: 3.1.1}

Who can stand, in the fear of the righteous, before the Great Judge, the — Mighty One of Israel? Has He not said, “Hear what I say unto thee,” “Hear ye the rod, and who hath appointed it.” What will you do when asked, “Give an account of thy stewardship?” Brother, Sister, what excuse will you give for time squandered and opportunities wasted; for responsibilities shirked, and duties shunned; and without excuse for sinful habits and practices unforsaken; for reforms ignored; and evil communications indulged? {2SC11: 3.1.2}

“Here,…is a subject for your prayerful consideration and earnest meditation. Closely examine your own heart as in the light of eternity. Hide nothing from your examination. Search, oh! search, as for your life, and condemn yourself, pass judgment upon yourself, and then by faith claim the cleansing blood of Christ to remove the stains from your Christian character. Do not flatter or excuse yourself. Deal truly with your own soul. And then as you view yourself a sinner, fall, all broken, at the foot of the cross.” — “Testimonies for the Church,” Vol. 2, p. 81. {2SC11: 3.1.3}

“‘Take heed,’ first to yourself, and then to the doctrine. Do not let your heart become hardened by sin. Closely examine your manners and habits. Compare them with the word of God, and then cut away from the life every wrong habit and indulgence.” — “Gospel Workers,” p. 105. {2SC11: 3.1.4}

“Inquire every day, Am I sound to the core, or am I false-hearted? Entreat the Lord to save you from all deception on this point. Eternal interests are involved. While so many are panting after honor, and greedy of gain, do you, my beloved brethren, be eagerly seeking the assurance of the love of God, and crying, Who will show me how to make my calling and election sure?” — “Testimonies for the Church,” Vol. 5, p. 97. {2SC11: 3.1.5}

“Determine to know the worst of your case. Ascertain if you have an inheritance on high. Deal truly with your own soul.” — “Testimonies for the Church,” Vol. 1, p. 163. {2SC11: 3.1.6}

“With fasting and earnest prayer, with deep heart-searching, stern self-examination, lay bare the soul; let no act escape your critical examination. Then, with self dead, and your life hid with Christ in God, offer your humble petitions…. {2SC11: 3.1.7}

“Oh, how important it is that faithfulness in little things characterize our lives, that true integrity mark all our course of action, and that we ever bear in mind that angels of God are taking cognizance of every act!” — “Testimonies for the Church,” Vol. 2, p. 158. {2SC11: 3.2.1}

Brother, Sister, how is it with your soul? Pause here and examine yourself as to whether or not you have religiously put into practice all that you have heard the Rod speak through “The Symbolic Code” and the other publications of Present Truth. What is your answer? Can you rejoice in that you have forever parted with the health destroying flesh pots, cheeses, pickles, candies, and the rich pastries? And that you are no longer one who defies nature in the abuse of his stomach by eating between meals, bolting his food, overeating, mixing fruits and vegetables, and ignoring wrong combinations? {2SC11: 3.2.2}

Are you still insulting God by asking His blessing on the table upon which stands the enslaving and injurious pepper shaker, mustard can, spice boxes, and vinegar pitcher? And do you still have to confess shameful addiction to liquor, tobacco, coffee, tea, cocoa, chocolate, or soda fountain drinks, {2SC11: 3.2.3}

Brethren, have you ridded your person of the vain and useless stick pin, the racy tie; the fallen or rolled down socks; the pretentious silk shirt? Sisters, are you heeding or ignoring the Apostles’s instruction as to the wearing of a head-covering during prayer and at religious services? Have you lifted the necks, lengthened the sleeves, and dropped the skirts of your dresses? Have you discarded your tinkling ornaments, veils, chains, bracelets, display of watches, mufflers, bonnets, headbands, rings, changeable suits of apparel, crisping pins, high heeled shoes, sheer silk stockings, finger nail polish, rouge, lip stick, mascara, perfume, etc.? which begets the grotesque appearance of a sedate clown rather than the natural beauty of a peacock! {2SC11: 3.2.4}

Fathers, are you still at the same old ways — either paying no attention to, or injudiciously ruling, your children? Are you faithfully performing the duties of a husband and father and head of the family? Are you still confirmed in the innumerable other abominable Laodicean practices? {2SC11: 3.2.5}

Mothers, are you still indulging the whims, humors, and self-willed demands of your children; failing to curb and discipline their tastes, habits, actions, words, and thoughts; faithlessly neglecting to correct their misdemeanors and wrong doings; and in their presence excusing and defending them to others; then losing your temper, and landing on them with shouting, slapping, and jerking them about when you finally do make a belated effort to right matters? {2SC11: 3.2.6}

And in respect to all, what of the many specific instructions carried in the Code from month to month, concerning the brushing of the teeth; the care of the tooth brush; unkempt hair and dirty fingernails; the unnecessary sleeping of two in a bed; stockingless legs; and bobbed hair? {2SC11: 4.1.1}

Let each critically examine his words and actions and movements, lest too late he be found still prostituting his time and wit to jesting, joking, frivolity, to vain and foolish talking, and to impure speech. {2SC11: 4.1.2}

Next, ask yourself if you are selfishly seeking your own ease in caring only for your own individual wants, while the cause of truth languishes for men and means? {2SC11: 4.1.3}

Are your thoughts, energies, and means being exclusively devoted to the acquisition of a home, automobile, radio, furniture, finery, and sundry other luxuries and sumptuaries, while you allow the “closing work for the church” to cripple along as best it can? {2SC11: 4.1.4}

Are you one of the pleasure-loving who serve the prince of this world in throwing away God’s nickles and dimes on picture shows, dances, bowling, amusement parties, picnics, questionable magazines, cross-word and jig-saw puzzles, comic strips and funny pages, etc.? {2SC11: 4.1.5}

Do any of the following outdoor amusements condemn you as a lover of pleasure more than a lover of God? — fishing, hunting, golfing, skating, tennis, base ball, basketball? {2SC11: 4.1.6}

Are you, brothers and sisters, among those disgruntled spirits who, in a misconceived sense of duty, are sitting at home misusing their time and strength in writing aimless and misbegotten letters of complaint to harass those who are bearing the burden of the work? {2SC11: 4.1.7}

Are you either a crank or liberal on dress reform, health reform, Sabbath reform, or any other one reform? {2SC11: 4.1.8}

Are you one of those who are ever getting self in the way, and taking exception at much or little; giving expression to the inevitable hurt of ever exposed feelings; or giving vent to an abusive, unholy temper? {2SC11: 4.1.9}

Or are you one of the precious few whom nothing can offend and who are faithfully, and diligently following the Lord by rendering cheerful, unselfish, service? {2SC11: 4.1.10}

Fearful, solemn questions! How do they judge you, brother, sister? — a faithful, self-sacrificing, loyal friend of God, or a rebel against His Word? {2SC11: 4.1.11}

“In a divided, half-hearted life, you will find doubt and darkness. You cannot enjoy the consolations of religion, neither the peace which the world gives. Do not sit down in Satan’s easy-chair of do-little, but arise, and aim at the elevated standard which it is your privilege to attain. It is a blessed privilege to give up all for Christ. Look not at the lives of others and imitate them and rise no higher. You have only one true, unerring Pattern. It is safe to follow Jesus only. Determine that if others act on the principle of the spiritual sluggard you will leave them, and march forward toward the elevation of Christian character. Form a character for Heaven. Sleep not at your post. Deal faithfully and truly with your own soul.” — “Testimonies for the Church,” Vol. 1, p. 241. {2SC11: 4.1.12}

“Deal truly with your own soul. Search carefully. How few, after a faithful examination, can look up to Heaven and say, ‘I am not one of those thus described! I am not a lover of pleasure more than a lover of God!’ How few can say, ‘I am dead to the world; the life I now live, is by faith on the Son of God! My life is hid with Christ in God, and when He who is my life shall appear, then shall I also appear with Him in glory’.” — “Testimonies for the Church,” Vol. 2, p. 145. {2SC11: 4.2.1}

“How can I endure the thought that most of the youth in this age will come short of everlasting life! Oh that the sound of instrumental music might cease, and they no more while away so much precious time in pleasing their own fancy. Oh that they would devote less time to dress and vain conversation, and send forth their earnest, agonizing prayers to God, for a sound experience. There is great necessity for close self-examination in the light of God’s Word; let each one raise the inquiry, ‘Am I sound, or am I rotten at heart? Am I renewed in Christ, or am I still carnal at heart, with a new dress put on the outside?’ Rein yourself up to the great tribunal, and in the light of God examine to see if there be any secret sin that you are cherishing, any idol that you have not sacrificed. Pray, yes, pray as you have never prayed before, that you may not be deluded by Satan’s devices, that you may not be given up to a heedless, careless, vain spirit, and attend to religious duties to quiet your own conscience.” — “Testimonies for the Church,” Vol. 2, p. 144. {2SC11: 4.2.2}

Let no one think that, because he is not a youth, the snares pictured in the above quoted testimony are not just as verily set for him as for the youth. Hear the word of the prophet Isaiah: “But this is a people robbed and spoiled; they are all of them snared in holes, and they are hid in prison houses.” (Isa. 42:22.) {2SC11: 4.2.1}